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  • Vietnam

With an economy expanding at a rate of 5.7% a year, a growing young population and increasing Gross Domestic Product per capita, Vietnam holds significant potential.

Rich in natural resources and with its growing competitively priced labour force, Vietnam has an attractive production base, especially for manufacturing within global value chains.

South Australia aims to focus its engagement with Vietnam through stronger people-to-people links, cultural and educational partnerships, and the pursuit of targeted commercial opportunities.

Sector opportunities

Agriculture, food and wine

South Australia can contribute to the development of the country’s agricultural sector through capacity building and technical expertise.

Education, research and development

Internationalisation of education is a key priority for the Vietnamese Government and creates opportunities for enhanced partnerships between South Australian and Vietnamese institutions and education providers.

Infrastructure and professional services

Vietnam is considered as the next growing health care market in South East Asia, with increased demands for quality health care and increasing expenditure to improve the standard of facilities, presenting strong prospects for South Australia.


Defence and advanced manufacturing

With ongoing growth and a foundation of continued investment in manufacturing, South Australia’s core strengths provide an opportunity for companies to contribute to that investment and growth.

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