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Space industries in our state

South Australia is Australia’s space state.

The Australian Space Agency is located at innovation neighbourhood Lot Fourteen, alongside a mission control centre and space discovery centre.

The state’s space sector is incredibly active with more than 70 organisations, companies and educational institutions and a workforce of approximately 800 people.

The South Australian Space Industry Centre, a cross-government group working with key stakeholders to grow the state’s space economy, complements numerous innovative initiatives including a space incubator program, scholarship, internship and work experience program.

South Australia has a long history in the space sector with the Woomera military test range being declared a prohibited area in 1947 and is the largest land testing range in the world.


How we can support you

Assistance through funding


The South Australian Government has a framework for providing assistance to industry through funds including:



Here in South Australia we’re proud to have fostered a strong relationship between government, industry and academia. Over time, these key relationships have cultivated a highly-skilled workforce, developed cutting-edge research, and delivered labour costs which are around 10 per cent below the Australian average. This competitive environment supports highly profitable investments and makes South Australia a place where your business can truly innovate and grow.


Adelaide-based Australian Space Agency

Through the Adelaide-based Australian Space Agency, Australia aims to grow its market segment from $3.9 billion to $12 billion by 2030.

South Australia has cyber security traineeships

South Australia’s global research strengths are led by three world-class universities to be headquartered at Lot Fourteen.



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