Department of State Development

Creating a Modern Industry Policy for South Australia

The Government of South Australia is developing a new industry policy that will support businesses to grow, develop a global outlook, increase global competitiveness, and ensure that new businesses can start and thrive from South Australia. ​

Knowing that innovation and growth can come from all types of business working in any sector, we’re creating a broad- based approach to industry policy. We’ve asked industry, research organisations, educators and the public for input to build the policy.

The draft policy framework is built around three strong themes

  1. A strong local foundation 
    Building a competitive business environment in South Australia and investing in the future.
  2. A global outlook 
    ​Increasing our wealth by selling to markets outside South Australia.
  3. Prosperous businesses 
    More businesses starting, scaling and succeeding in South Australia.

Download document

Download Creating a Modern Industry Policy for South Australia PDF.